I am currently working on a PhD in the Information School at the University of Washington; I also work as a teacher-librarian in the public school system. My research interests include information behavior, information literacy and information problem-solving in library, workplace, and everyday life situations. I am also interested in library programs and services for youth and young adults.

My current focus is an investigation of information literacy; specifically, the initial stage of successful information problem-solving, termed Task Definition in the Big6 approach to information problem-solving. Much of the library and information science literature related to human information problem-solving points to this stage as crucial to success; it also points to this stage as among the most difficult for information problem-solvers. Problem-solving literature from the cognitive sciences has been focused on this initial stage, termed problem representation, for decades. I am seeking to investigate the nature of task definition from a library and information science perspective via methods typically employed in the cognitive sciences to investigate problem representation.



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